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At Dallas Land and Irrigation we ensure our Sprinkler System Installation, Sprinkler Repair Services, and Backflow Prevention Testing are the Best in the Dallas, TX Metroplex. Our customers have enjoyed the host of Sprinkler Technology upgrades we provide. These upgrades have made their sprinkler system more efficient by saving them money and water. Don’t take our word for it, read the many different testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers.

Masters of the Trade

Sprinkler Installation

Dallas Landscape and Irrigation has been an industry leader in the lawn sprinkler system installation and repair market for years.

Sprinkler Repair

We are certified experts at repairing any problems with sprinklers such as gushing water, not turning off, non-watered zones, and more.

Backflow Prevention

We provide backflow prevention for hospitals, medical buildings, restaurants, warehouses, ice machines and lawn sprinkler systems.

Why Choose Us

Eco Friendly

All of our work is meticulously planned out ensuring that every drop of water is accounted for in your personalized project.


We know that you are placing your trust in us. That is why we make sure that you confirm all details before we even get started.


It doesn’t make sense to cut corners to save a few hours here and there. Our integrity is directly tied to our work and it shows.

Certified Experts

Every worker is a licensed irrigator in Texas. You would expect nothing less for the professionals you trust to do the job.

Safety First

We carry an insurance policy of up to $1million in the event that anything goes wrong. Everything is designed to give you peace of mind.

Clean & Tidy

No matter how much of a mess we make, we always make sure to clean up after ourselves no matter how big the mess is.

Unparalleled Service

  • We have professionally installed 100’s of Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems and have hundreds of happy clients.

  • Receive the latest in irrigation technologies to help conserve water. Every drop saved is money saved on your water bill.

  • 100% (head to head) coverage GUARANTEED on all of our work. Something goes wrong, we are liable not you.

  • Every single irrigation design plan is crafted using AutoCad ensuring precision and mastery of your installation.

  • Never worry again trying to figure out a watering schedule. We create one for the whole year so you never have to think twice.

  • Our services are affordable for almost any homeowner. Our service charge is only $90 for evaluations or yearly check ups.

Residential and Commercial Services

  • Lawn Sprinkler System Installation, Repair, and Upgrades

  • Backflow Inspection, Testing, and Certification

  • Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly Testing

  • Pressure Vacuum Testing

  • Sprinkler Optimizations for Pressure and Efficiency

  • Sprinkler Maintenance and Checkups

  • Drip Irrigation for Landscape and Foundations

  • RPZ, DC, DCA, PVB, and RP Testing

Our Process

Step 1


Our Team will Evaluate the Location.

Step 2

Our Team

Our team will prepare an estimate and report getting an itemized list of the work that needs to be done.

Step 3


Upon approval we will start the work.

Need Some Proof of Our Work?

“Working with Dallas Landscape and Irrigation was a great experience. Guy and his Crew were very professional and informative from start to finish. The sprinkler system design and installation are top-notch and the system runs without a hitch. I will definitely use Dallas Landscape and Irrigation for future projects and will recommend them to anyone looking to install a sprinkler system.”
Steven Makan
“I am extremely pleased with the gutter installation done by Dallas Landscape and Irrigation, and am looking for another estimate from your company. I would also like to have a sprinkler system installed once the leveling is completed, and tree pruning service with one tree removal at a property in Dallas, TX. Thanks again!”
Ed Lukomski
“The Gutters look Great! I kinda feel sorry for the guy who was putting them up, there was a power failure yesterday (Transformer Blew out somewhere) but he stuck with things and he finished up. They look great, and I have no complaint. Will bounce you guys a check as soon as i get the invoice. Thanks again!”
Shannon Kelly

“Guy Hollis of Dallas Landscape and Irrigation has completed several jobs for me over the past few years and does excellent work. He and his crew did a wonderful job on the sprinkler system they installed also. Dallas Landscape and Irrigation proved to be prompt, efficient and finished on schedule. Our trees were pruned and trimmed and now look fantastic.”

Vince Mongaras

Serving Dallas and Surrounding Areas

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